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What Do You Do When You Have the APBA Blues?

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve made a post.  WAY TOO LONG!  I plan on several blog posts about what I’ve been up to APBA-wise here in the coming weeks.  Teaching, coaching, raising three kids, and just life in general has really shelved my APBA Baseball playing since the Spring.  After I wrapped up my 1984 Minnesota Twins Replay and my Father-Son Series, I’ve sort of had the “APBA Blues.”  I’ve had some very long stretches without APBA, which has been the case for me at times since I began playing back in 2010.

I started a “2nd Chance Tournament” last spring that I’ve posted results of on the APBA Facebook site.  I played it through the early summer, shelved it, and then after five months of no solitaire play, I finally picked it back up here last week.  I played in both the Spring and Fall Twin Cities APBA Tournaments and had a blast there.  I also built an APBA Ballpark this summer.  I’ll highlight these events in the coming weeks.

I also have to give a big shoutout to John Asalon and his new weekly show, “This Week in APBA.”  For years now, I’ve slowly squeezed out most forms of media or talk shows out of my schedule.  Why?  Because they’re all negative and seem to give less than the facts.  Plus…I have better things to do.  However, this exciting venture by John and the APBA Game Company is well worth the listen!  On Tuesday after my three kids and wife were in bed, I went to my classroom at the school I teach to decorate the room for Christmas.  I was there from about 9PM to just before midnight.  I listened to the first four episodes of the show….and it was SO REFRESHING!  Hearing all of this discussion about the game we’re all so passionate about was like nothing I’ve ever listened to before!  Make this a regular part of your APBA-therapy!  Hearing from Mr. John Herson was especially interesting and eye-opening!  Below is the link to all of the archived episodes:


So to those of you out there – Do you ever get the APBA Blues and shelve the game for an extended time?  If so, is it by choice or does life get in the way?  For those of you that don’t, what’s your secret in keeping a steady diet of APBA Baseball when it’s hard to find time for it?  What projects do you do to keep from getting out of the APBA loop!  I’d like to hear your stories!  Thank you!