Here Goes Nuthin’


Happy Last Day of January! Thanks to all of you that read and responded to my latest blog post regarding a tournament team selection. I really appreciate the feedback!  I took a great deal of applicable information from the advice of my APBA brethren. TC Tourney organizer Jim Fraasch also sent me a helpful email that sort of steered me along to my decision….or at least a fun method that will nail down my decision. After reading your responses, I decided to whittle my options to teams that have I’m interested in and/or have sentimental attachments to compared to just picking one the mightiest teams of all times (which means I’ll likely NEVER select a Yankees team – DARN).

I’m down to five teams that I’m interested in rolling with down in the Twin Cities come April. The teams are (insert cheesy drumroll here):

2000 Oakland A’s – sentimental

1990 Oakland A’s – sentimental

1981 Montreal Expos – sentimental and of interest

1931 Philadelphia A’s – interest

1912 New York Giants – Since George Adams is making a Polo Grounds for me to roll in, it might not be a bad idea to throw a Giants team into the mix. Plus, I wanted to add a dead ball team in here to see how the other teams would do against one collectively.

What I’ve decided to do is have the five teams compete in a pool play. It will be very similar to the TC Tournament as each team will play each other twice with each team hosting a game apiece per series.  Each team will use a four man rotation and follow all the rules of the tourney. This pool play will have a fun twist, though. Because there are five teams, one team would theoretically have an “off” day, so to ensure no team suffered any kind of a mental lapse, the odd team out will play one game versus the 1899 Cleveland Spiders (20-134). Special thanks goes to Kevin Burghardt for sharing these cards with me! I haven’t rolled any games with the Spiders yet so this will be something to look forward to (like there isn’t enough already!!). Below is the tentative schedule of the Pool Play:

Day One

1912 Giants vs. 1899 Spiders

1931 A’s vs. 2000 A’s,

1981 Expos vs. 1990 A’s

Day Two

1981 Expos vs. 1899 Spiders

2000 A’s vs. 1912 Giants

1990 A’s vs. 1931 A’s

Day Three

1990 A’s vs. 1899 Spiders

1981 Expos vs. 2000 A’s

1912 Giants vs. 1931 A’s

Day Four

1931 A’s vs. 1899 Spiders

1981 Expos vs. 1912 Giants

1990 A’s vs. 2000 A’s

Day Five

2000 A’s vs. 1899 Spiders

1931 A’s vs. 1981 Expos

1990 A’s vs. 1912 Giants
The games featuring the Spiders will count in the standings of the pool play.  Just as in the TC Tournament, the top two teams will play in a best of three to determine the champion, and the team I’ll take down “south” to Maple Grove (the Twin Cities suburb where this great event will take place).  I’m really looking forward to this! It’s the perfect way to step away from my Master Game project (84 Twins Replay) and continue to become acclimated with the basic game.  It’s fun to crank out games quickly. Once this tourney is over, though, I’ll continue on with my quest in trying to lead those Twins to the AL West crown.  Two questions for you as I wrap this up:

1. Which team will rise above the others and win this thing? (I really have no clue)

2. Will the Spiders win a game? (My gut says no, but….you never know!)

I’ll update the results after each “day.” Thanks for reading! Have a good one!


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