Back to Basic….Um….HELP!


I’m Beau Lofgren.  Thanks for reading this!  I’ve been blogging on and off about my adventures in APBA Baseball while sprinkling in a little bit of life experiences as well.  I strictly have played the master version in the five years I’ve played this glorious game, but I’m in need of getting myself acclimated with the basic version of the game.  See…..I did this whole thing a little bass-ackwards. When I first started playing APBA, I forced myself to play the master game right off the get go……and I’ve been hooked ever since!  However, I’m anxiously awaiting Saturday, October 3, as I will be partaking in the 4th Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament in Maple Grove. It’s close to a four hour drive away for me, but I’m taking the plunge after my first face to face APBA game that I played earlier this month…it was a blast!

Since the tournament will be played using the basic game, I need to get more familiar with it. I’m 150 games into my 1989 A’s replay, and today, I thought that for the final 5-6 games of that replay, I’ll use the basic game instead of the master version before the playoffs begin.  I have Basic boards from the mid-90’s, so I’ll use those.  I’m having a heckuva time trying to select a team for the tourney! I want to use a team from my “era,” meaning a team from the 80’s-90’s.  With just four pitching grades in basic compared to 30 in the master game, I’m really curious as to how much different an A is from a B, from a B to a C, and so on. I do know from the master game that “Z” pitchers are very valuable to prevent untimely walks, so I’m carefully scouting out my sets to find a rotation with decent grades with “Z” ratings. Tournament rules state a four man rotation must be used in division play, so do I with a team with some studs at the front and some duds at the end?? Or do I take a balanced approach?? Decisions! Common sense also tells me to find a team with as much balance as possible, but in the basic game, what is more important? Pitching or hitting? How about speed? Defense? I guess my exhibition games in my replay will give me more of an understanding. 

Right away, I was thinking of bringing an A’s or a Twins team as thise two squads were and still are my favorites today. However, my gut is telling me to take a team that I’m not too familiar with, and just play! It’s driving me a little insane!! No matter what, it will be a fun time and I look forward meeting more APBA players in the flesh!! A special thanks to Jim Fraasch for including me in the tournament mailings to get me hooked on going, Darrell Skogen who will be hosting all of us, and Craig Christian for getting the Facebook page going for the tournament. 
If any of you have suggestions for teams to play with, or tips about the basic game, I’d sincerely appreciate that! 66’s to all, and to all a good game!


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